What Do Millionaires Know About Money That Most People Don’t?

Ms 99to1percent

Blogging about Personal Finance along with a little touch of humor. Immigrant who started from the bottom and now I’m here…to tell my story, inspire and learn from others. Paid off $40K in student loans before graduating. CPA. Saved a $100K emergency fund in my 20’s. Hopping to pay off $500K+ mortgage within 5 years at 39. Hopping to become financially independent at 45. Happily married. Mom of 1.

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12 responses

  1. Sane advice. We followed these steps and the results speak for themselves. It’s not always smooth sailing but persistence is key. Know what you want.

  2. John says:

    That’s a really aggressive approach to finances and I like it!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Great post as usual. I agree with the 3 principals: Maximizing Income, Saving Aggressively, and Investing wisely. Your blog has helped me start implementing those 3 principles, no more procrastinating. I want to be in the 1% too, hahahaha.

  4. Most of people live beyond their means nowadays, it became normal and that’s terrifying. The key and the first step to better future is to understand that we don’t need huge houses, new cars and fancy furniture and clothes and we definitely don’t need to finance all those things with loans. I understood that after 10 years of working and having nothing, because I’ve been spending my money on useless stuff. I thought that stuff will make me feel better and will make my life better, but actually I feel better now when I save so much money and don’t buy things I don’t need. By the way, I really like your blog, it’s very motivating 🙂

  5. This post reminds me of Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Millionaire Next Door. All sane advice but also contrary to mainstream media. None of the stuff about flashy possessions that the media loves splashing about. Good relatable insights.

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