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  • You have a question
  • You want to work with us
  • You have a success story you want to share such as:
    • You went from rags to riches and you want to share with people how you did it
    • You are an immigrant who came with nothing, but you managed to become successful
    • Or you started from the bottom and now you are here (in my Drake voice 😊) and want to share your story
    • You are a successful professional and want to share how you did it.
    • You left the corporate world and retired early, and want to tell us how you did it.
    • you left the corporate world and opened your own business/became your own boss and want to share how you did
    • You have no debt
    • You are on your way to being debt free
    • You paid off your mortgage early
    • You have passive income
    • You are financially independent.
    • You are a successful investor (stock market, real estate…) and you want to share how you did it
    • You have a personal finance blog and want our readers to know about it
    • Or maybe, you got it together, and just want tell others how you do/did it?
    • Other
  • You would like to interview us
  • You would like us to interview you
  • You want to  guest post for us. We will promote your post as much as we promote ours, and our rules are pretty simple and straight-forward: 
    • The article must be original content, no plagiarism, and it must not have been posted anywhere else
    • The article must be about money/finance/career/saving/investing/relationship/business/…
    • Ideally it should include a personal story, so that our readers can relate to you.
    • Ideally it should at least be 1,000-1,500 words
    • Links are allowed but at least half of the links should be linking our articles/resources
    • Must be final version, no drafts
    • You agree to reply to comments
    • If you are a blogger, you agree to share the guest post on your social media platforms, and link to it on your blog.
  • You have a product or service that our money smart readers will find useful, and you want to advertise with us
  • Other

Feel free to contact us through the contact form or email us at We will make sure we get back to you as soon as possible.




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