***Work With Us***

Do you want to work with us?  Please feel free to reach out at info@99to1percent.com. We are a friendly bunch 😊.  You can work with us through advertising or guest posting.
– Sponsored posts:  We do allow sponsored posts if we think it’s something our readers can benefit from.  Email us at info@99to1percent.com for a quote.

– Ad space on the blog: We can strategically place your ad, and it would be visible on every single page and post. We can also include it in all the emails we send to our readers.  This will give you maximum exposure.  Email us at info@99to1percent.com for a quote.

Guest Posting:
We do allow guest posting for free for our readers and other bloggers. We will promote your post as much as we promote ours, and our rules are pretty simple and straight-forward:
  • No plagiarism. The article must be original content and it must not have been posted anywhere else
  • The article must be about money/finance/career/saving/investing/relationship/business/…
  • Ideally it should include a personal story, so that our readers can relate to you.
  • Ideally it should at least be 1,000-1,500 words
  • Links are allowed but at least half of the links should be linking our articles/resources
  • No drafts. Must be final version.
  • You agree to reply to comments
  • If you are a blogger, you agree to share the guest post on your social media platforms, and link to it on your blog.