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Blogging about Personal Finance along with a little touch of humor. Immigrant who started from the bottom and now I’m here…to tell my story, inspire and learn from others. Paid off $40K in student loans before graduating. CPA. Saved a $100K emergency fund in my 20’s. Hopping to pay off $500K+ mortgage within 5 years at 39. Hopping to become financially independent at 45. Happily married. Mom of 1.

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  1. Mrs. DS says:

    Hey! Great post! I recently just The Dollar Hackers as well and thought – wow, these guys are going to be good!

    Thanks for featuring them this week – it will be great to follow and see where they go!

  2. Great list of suggestions – thank you both for sharing.

    Jordan’s mention of expectations also stuck out for me. I’ve found comparing myself to others can be a useful tool for reference or learning, but it can also lead to disappoint very, very quickly as well. If not managed effectively, expectations can become a hindrance on motivation and progress.

    Thanks again for sharing. – Mike

    • It’s so true. We have to manage the expectations. And if we fail, realize that failure is not that bad. They say if you are not failing, you are not trying hard enough 🙂

    • Mike, it’s SO easy to compare ourselves to other people but at the end of the day…what’s the point. I also think it’s interesting that when I fall into it I find that I compare myself to others that I don’t like, rarely see and don’t even talk to. It’s crazy..

      Keep hustling!

  3. Nice post guys. It’s easy to forget about growing your income sometimes. Yet, it the single easiest way to accomplish your financial goals.

    For the record, I’d pick salary over title any day. In fact, I believe having a lower title is actually an advantage sometimes. It gives you another opportunity to be promoted and get yet another raise.

    • So true. Make it easier to get promoted or get another job.

    • Absolutely. It seems that many times budgets and living frugally is pushed very hard but we believe those topics should go along side with always trying to increase your income. It helps spread the gap between income and expenses that much more quickly and in turn helps everyone reach their goals in a shorter time period!

      I’m with you. I’d rather be a wealthy Janitor than a broke Executive.

  4. JoeHx says:

    I definitely plan to grow my income – mostly with “side hustles” but also with some opportunities that are presenting themselves at my day job – but I don’t really have a set number.

    Now that I think of it, there was a number I mentioned recently at my job. Hopefully I get it!

  5. Cubert says:

    LOL! Great read, friend. Sorry – I’m laughing because you instantly went to the geniuses when thinking of people who rake in big money. There’s a big dope in the white house right now as your shining example of how an ignoramous can make big money and even sales-pitch his way into power. I wouldn’t suggest following HIS lead.
    I grew my income by constantly asking for better pay, while seeking out “home run” type projects at work. You can kick butt hitting singles but no one will notice. You gotta make your mark on efforts that have visibility.

  6. Ruth Trubin says:

    Thanks for that post! It really made my day!

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