3rd Month Blog Report – Stats & Strategies (12,808 pageviews)

Ms 99to1percent

Blogging about Personal Finance along with a little touch of humor. Immigrant who started from the bottom and now I’m here…to tell my story, inspire and learn from others. Paid off $40K in student loans before graduating. CPA. Saved a $100K emergency fund in my 20’s. Hopping to pay off $500K+ mortgage within 5 years at 39. Hopping to become financially independent at 45. Happily married. Mom of 1.

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56 responses

  1. Still so amazing and inspiring how quickly your site has taken off! Thanks for providing all the content and information to help other bloggers as well. I can’t believe I wasn’t following you on Pinterest yet, which is odd, as I’m pretty sure I’ve saved a pin or two from you! Uggh, the Pinterest life. Sigh and Smile. The Pinterest beast is like the unmarried +80 year old single aunt who we have to keep inviting to birthday parties, and she ends up making everyone uncomfortable until they leave. lol. Will definitely be looking at your pinning strategy! Thanks again and have a great week!

  2. Cubert says:

    Congrats on being featured on RSF! Well-deserved!!! You guys are doing really great over here. I’ll have to check my Alexa ranking. Never bothered to do that – maybe out of fear. LOL. Keep up the great work!

  3. Another great month – congrats, Tina! The site growth over the last few months is great.

    Related to Mrs. Defined Sight’s comment above, Pinterest is quite an interesting challenge.

    Overall, these continue to be great posts – so thank you for sharing your insight!
    – Mike

    Balanced Dividends recently posted: https://www.balanceddividends.com/balanced-dividends-passive-income-analysis-2016-vs-2017/

  4. Caroline says:

    You guys are killing it! Congratulations:)
    Four months in and I don’t even add up to one of your month!

  5. Congrats! those are awesome numbers.

  6. Congrats on your 3rd month results! That is amazing and you guys are killin’ it!! 🙂

    You guys have awesome quality content. I enjoy reading your posts!

    Personally, I haven’t been active on any platform other than Pinterst. I’m going to focus on learning more about it because tackling too many other platforms for me is too overwhelming. I have twitter and IG but not as active on them. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t dived deeper into the other social media areas yet. I also haven’t checked my Alexa ranking! *SIGH*

    Overall, thanks for sharing your results. You guys are doing amazing! Keep it up 🙂

  7. Wow, great traffic so far. I’m still amazed at how quickly your traffic has grown!

  8. Wow, awesome report! I would love to know how you increased your views so rapidly. I got 4k+ page views last month but most of that traffic comes from my article From Broke Phi Broke to Financially Woke getting featured on Rockstarfinance.com

  9. BusyMom says:

    That is impressive. I have got almost two months under my belt, and I am no where close! Great job!

  10. Soooooo I may have been the friend who had no clue about the Rockstar emails. Ooops. Thanks again for the heads up. Really enjoy these reports as I keep learning from you. Keep up the good work. You are killing it. I may take you up on the interview offer.

  11. Evan says:

    Wow I think the most amazing thing about your stats is your lack of bounce rate. People are engaged and dying to read more on every visit. I just discovered your blog but I seem to be the one late to the party!

  12. Wow! These are really inspiring numbers for the third month. It looks like we are blogging twins (I also started in October) but I am the slower twin. One of the big reasons have been that I have been stingy with time and money (did not take WP business till the time I was sure I am in it for good) and been following too agressive a strategy of thrice a week posts. Seeing a report like this is inspiring. Thank you for such transparency 🙂

  13. JoeHx says:

    Awesome job! I love seeing these posts, and I’m always comparing my blog to see how well I’m doing – plus I like to see what tools are available.

  14. Congrats on yet another awesome month, Ms 99to1percent! I love following your impressive growth and good strategy ideas. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  15. Whao! All your performance indices are green. Achieving over 12,000 page views for first three months of blogging is a great feat on its own not to talk about achieving this in just one month. That is great. Thump up!

  16. Erith says:

    Well done – amazing progress in just 3 months. I have been at this a year now, and have only had 16k view in total!
    My Alexa ranking had dropped from 8m to 2m, but now back up at 5.5m. No idea why…
    I’m off to read your Pinterest strategy.

  17. Congratulations on an amazing month!

    That progress is really impressive for 3 months of work. And I had no idea about that website analytics feature on Amazon Alexa! How do you use that feature!?!?

  18. Kris says:

    Awesome progress you have made in three months. Very impressive!! You guys have some great content on here and it’s no surprise you were featured on RSF!! Keep it up.
    I’m going to start tinkering with Pinterest so hopefully it helps, any tips?

  19. Jennifer says:

    Hey, looks like I’m not the only one in love with your blog. I don’t follow too many blogs, but I’m kind of addicted to yours 🙂

    I also love these monthly blog reports and strategies. Keep them coming. They will come in handy if I decide to start my own blog 🙂

  20. Mr. Groovy says:

    Great job, Ms 99to1. You’re a blogging dynamo, and I salute you. Cheers.

  21. Thanks for sharing! I like how you have a focus to build a community before making money. I think that those who start out with the idea to “make a bunch of money from a blog” are thinking about it all wrong.

    I enjoy engaging with smart like minded people like yourself and continually learning!

  22. It’s incredible to see how fast your blog has taken off. You two really hit the ground running! Well done!

    Thanks for sharing all these stats and strategies — it really helps me see the error of my ways.

  23. Robbie says:

    Just came across this on Rockstar Finance Forum. Awesome job so far! Your pages per session is pretty great…I would love to break the 2 mark on that stat. And I feel your pain for Facebook! I asked for friends to like the page to start, then the likes just sat there for a few months not budgeting. It’s frustrating. Anyway, keep up the great work!

  24. Your traffic and engagement is amazing. Well done. Thank you for sharing your tactics each month.

  25. Ms ZiYou says:

    Hi Ms 99 to 1 percent, just to say wow, I am so inspired by how much you have done in only 3 months, impressive. I can tell you are the type of people that know what you want, and adapt until you the results you want.

    I’m just starting out blogging, and finding out there are loads and loads of options out there….and so many niches – sadly can’t find too many decent earning female FIRE bloggers, but I’m sure there are more out there!

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