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32) Slowdad/SomeThingsDontChange – If I Won Lotto Blog Post Challenge – Most entertaining award – Our Biggest Money Fight and 9 Lessons Learned

31) Pfgeeks – 150 Ways to Save Money – A very impressive. Follow those 150 tips, and you are guaranteed FastFIRE!

30) Making Sense of Cents – Rags To Riches – Interview by Michelle, another blogger we look up to. Check it out.

29) Rockstar finance –Best Tittle of the Day – 1/23/2018 – Call me CCO – Chief Clown Officer

28) Rockstar finance RumbleNominated for Best Money Post! – Won First round, Game 1. Waiting for Round 2. Thanks to those who voted for us!!! Stay tuned for Round 1

 27) ESI Money – Millionaire Interview # 36 – Interview by John, one of the bloggers we look up to. Check it out.

26) Adventure Rich – One Income Part 3 Plan – Our AMA question was answered

25) Defined Sight – Hump Day Heat Bloggers Sizzling Up The Week – One of the best roundup posts we have ever read! Make sure you check it out

24) Steveark – First Real Post – After guest posting for us, he took our advice and started his own blog. Check it out, and show him some support.

23) PhysicianOnFire – Financial and Non-Financial Lessons Learned From Our Family Doctor – Our guest post published on Physician On Fire. Check it out if you haven’t already.

22) USA Weekly –  Interview With Tina and Max – Founders at 99to1percent

21) PhysicianOnFire – Sunday Best 12/31/2017

20) KingCashBags –  World Champions League of Money Blogs

19) Steveark – Finding My Voice

18) RockStarFinance – Best Tittle of the Day – 12/20/2017 – What BS Are You On?

17) RockStarFinance – Interesting Nuggets from Around the Web –  12/15/2017 – Money Can’t Buy You Happiness, BUT…

16) ProsperlyWay – Are Students Doomed To Fail?

15) MyMoneyWizard – Monthly-link-o-rama-viii

14) FinanciallyMint – Financial Experiments: The Fun Way to Finance

13) Interview by ChiefMomOfficer

12) WinningPersonalFinance-New Baby!?! How To Save Money on Child Expenses

11) MillionaireDoc Blogroll

10) AFinancialSavvyDoc Blogroll

9) FinanciallyMint – Financial Experiments: The Fun Way to Finance

8) OurFinancialPath – Debt Success Stories

7) MyFamilyBudget – Personal Finance Advice You Would Give Your Younger Self

6) KiwiAndKeweenaw – Route to FIRE – Reduce Your Spending Roundup

5) FullTimeFinance – The Financial Impact of Kids, 12 PF bloggers weigh in

4) SomeRandomGuyOnline – Friday Blog Round Up

3) POF (Physician’OnFire) Sunday Best 

2) DoublingdollarsWhat’s The Most Cheapskate Thing You’ve Ever Done?

1) ZenCents – Sunday Shorts


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