Our Biggest Money Fight and 9 Lessons Learned

Ms 99to1percent

Blogging about Personal Finance along with a little touch of humor. Immigrant who started from the bottom and now I’m here…to tell my story, inspire and learn from others. Paid off $40K in student loans before graduating. CPA. Saved a $100K emergency fund in my 20’s. Hopping to pay off $500K+ mortgage within 5 years at 39. Hopping to become financially independent at 45. Happily married. Mom of 1.

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  1. Haha, I’m picturing that silent dinner. Do you think the waiters were in the back asking each other what your problem was? 😛

    With 5 mil I would be insta-FIRE many times over. I would invest it in great dividend growing stocks and do my charity donations from that angle.

    • Yes, I’m sure we provided the waiters with some gossip worthy entertainment 😀😀😀.

      Yes, now that we are serious about FIRE, our decision would be a little bit similar to yours.

  2. #5 through #8 are pure gold…! Marriage is hard and fights/arguments happen, but there has to be a willingness to apologize, make things right and move on.

  3. Cubert says:

    Oh I’m pretty sure we’ve had similar arguments before. Very good advice here. I agree especially with not going to bed angry. You gotta work stuff out. Nothing worse than letting things fester more than a day.

  4. I think a lot of marital issues could be resolved if we thought of family as “our family” instead of separating it out.

    Mr. Picky Pincher and I also disagree about how we would spend our imaginary lotto earnings. 😛

    I would be all for taking the disbursements over several decades, while hubs would want a one-time payout (and a lower amount). I like the idea of getting free money each month to cover expenses, and then socking away my earned money for faster FIRE. 🙂

  5. Millionaire Doc says:

    I just started reading your blog and it’s great. Ha Ha, fighting over an imaginary issue. Marital arguments boil down to acceptance and respect. After 14 years of marriage, we’ve learned to fight fair and agree to disagree on some issues. I accept her point of view and she accepts mine. Then we try to give each other more than we take. BTW, she always wins the silent treatment game. I cave.

    • Hey Doc,

      Thanks for visiting and we are glad you are enjoying our blog.

      And of course your wife is going to win the silent treatment game because women invented it 😀😀😀.

      Btw, thanks for sharing with us your secret to a long lasting happy marriage. Every couple should follow those tips.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hahaha, that’s so hilarious.

    I think having to share $5M with so many people complicates things.

    Maybe if it was $50M, it would be easier 😀.

  7. Mrs. Groovy says:

    Mr. G and I have had arguments over this, too. He wants to be very generous to some friends and family who would fritter away any money they got in a heartbeat, and I don’t.

    My remedy is to refuse to engage in this conversation. It just ain’t gonna happen with the 1 or 2 times a year we buy a ticket.

    #6 is a big deal to me. I can’t do it. I’d need 5 allergy pills to knock myself out if we went to bed angry with each other.

  8. Slow Dad says:

    That made me chuckle, a fine post Ms 99to1percent.

    I admire your lessons learned list, and appreciate the first four. As for the rest… well “families are complicated”, as you are discovering.

  9. CeCe says:

    Hello Mr. and Mrs. 99to1percent. I discovered your blog today when Michelle from Making Sense of Cents sent out her latest newsletter that talked about your recent guest post. I’ve actually thought about this a lot and like you, my hubby and I rarely buy lotto tickets. Even when it gets ridiculously high. In fact, the only time we receive them is as a gift from his bestie and his wife during the holidays. Speaking of which, we scratched the ones they gave us this past holiday and I think we won $500, but haven’t cashed it in yet. LOL He actually admitted to me that he was going to cash it in and not share it with me. O_O WTF? So. Yeah. LOL. You can see where HE stands on that.

    Me? I would share with ONLY family and close friends (I’ve only got three), pay off student loan debt, put it in savings, invest, give some to charity…and then go live in a yurt on an island somewhere. Those things are fascinating to me. LOL

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