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Blogging about Personal Finance along with a little touch of humor. Immigrant who started from the bottom and now I’m here…to tell my story, inspire and learn from others. Paid off $40K in student loans before graduating. CPA. Saved a $100K emergency fund in my 20’s. Hopping to pay off $500K+ mortgage within 5 years at 39. Hopping to become financially independent at 45. Happily married. Mom of 1.

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  1. Awesome challenge! I have been thinking about what to adopt/give up for Lent, and this is a great call to action! I’m going to commit to no buying during Lent. I’m only going to purchase groceries and gas for myself (exceptions will be if the boys or Mr. ThreeYear need something, or if I need to purchase a gift). But it will be a good test to challenge myself to go without or figure out another solution, apart from buying something, during these 40 days. Thanks for the challenge!

  2. i might try and quit smoking. i don’t think it’s doing me any favors. niagara falls is about 14 miles from here. in fact, when i step out of my r+d building i can see fort erie across the rive. good luck with all those challenges.

  3. Ms ZiYou says:

    I’ve been thinking I need to do something healthy…

    So I will go no chocolate or cake* for Lent. I have a sweet tooth. And I’m a no cake or all the cake kinda gal, moderation is not an available option for this achilles heel of mine.

    *note I left out biscuits, taking advantage of the HMRC cases on the difference between a cake and a biscuit.

  4. Mrs. Kiwi says:

    I love this challenge! You are committing to some pretty impressive ones. 40 days with no TV? I definitely need to try that one out (after college basketball season). I’m excited to see how this impacts you and everyone participating!

  5. Kris says:

    Great idea! I would adopt to read books more often on a daily basis. My reading has been out of whack lately, I’ve only read one book within the the past two months and whole like to bump it to read a whole book or two within the 40 days.
    Maybe I would give up going to In N Out burger but I only go once a month, idk if that would count. Hmmm…

  6. JoeHx says:

    I talked to my wife last night, and we’re going to not go out to eat unless it’s with friends. We already committed to eating out less this year (3x a month instead of once a week), plus we need to save money for the upcoming baby, so it was a natural fit. Of course, lent is pretty much that last 40 days before the baby, so it’ll be difficult.

    I also asked her if I could give up shaving for lent. She said definitely not.

  7. Yvonne says:


    I’m giving up anything with added sugar in it. I can still eat food with natural sugars in it, like fruit, veg and dried fruit. But no tomato ketchup, bread, cakes, sweets, fizzy drinks, biscuits etc.

    I’m also going to do a no spend period – i.e. no spend days for as many days during lent.

  8. sually we give up something for Lent and i hate it before it even begins, but this year i am pumped up!
    We decided to join you and here is what we are doing for the challenge:#1 No eating out
    We are not big on going to a restaurant to eat out but we will admit that we do pick up a drive thru at least once a week while out running errands.
    For the challenge we will just have to pack a snack bag or lunch while we are out and about.#2 Get rid of 40 things we no longer use/need
    We do consider ourselves to minimalist to a point, but we do have a few things that we can do without.
    We will either sell, donate or give away the items and the goal is to post how well we are doing along the way.

  9. prosperlyway says:

    Making some big commitments! Let me know how the TV ban goes…I don’t watch a TON of TV, but it’s definitely a big decompressor for me. Will be a tough and interesting 40 days!

  10. It’s going to be interesting to see how much money you save over the month. I’m particularly interested in how you will deal with no t.v. and what you decide to do instead.

  11. Allie says:

    I am going to start something rather than give something up! I am going to start meal planning! So in a sense, I guess I am giving up throwing away old food that doesn’t get used in time. Conveniently, we actually started to do this the week of the 11th, so I guess we are still fitting your timeline! Second week in and it is going well. Side benefit is that I love how empty and easy it is to clean the refrigerator each week! Thanks for sharing the challange!

  12. Tess says:

    This is a fun challenge indeed. Maybe by trying this, it would be the first step to master how to control personal finances and budgeting.

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